Nothing in this world is scrap, everything has a price. Ecowrap is a waste management cum FMCG supply chain platform for Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafe (HORECA) sectors. We offer free waste bins to the users to segregate different types of waste at source. Once the waste is collected it is resold to various recyclers and manufacturers. The products are up-cycled in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.


We are a Waste Management company that assists in keeping your premises clean and environment-friendly.

Zero waste Institution

‘Ecowrap’ is an end to end integrated channel for HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Bar, etc) for their waste segregation, tracking, collection, recovery, recycling and up-cycling. To promote waste segregation at source we provide Infrastructure (Dustbins and training to staff). Our unique business model, incentivise waste generators for segregating waste at source

Socio-economic inclusivity

We either send this collected waste to recyclers or upcycle it. To make such up-cycled products we trained women of the underprivileged section. We provide them with waste material and infrastructure to make recycled products out of waste. We also help them to sell their finished product. We educate them digitally so that they can list their products on e-commerce platforms. It is a unique model of financial inclusion among economically and socially weaker section of society.

Impact till date

1. 130+ - Hotel, Bar, Disc, Restaurants partnered
2. 13 Women are working on up-cycling
3. we bring 90 Metric tons of waste into segregation & recycling every month
4. Aimed to make 4000 commercial units a 'Zero waste institution' till March 2025