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Ecowrap is a waste management cum FMCG supply chain platform that assists you in keeping your premises clean and environment-friendly.We focus on primary segregation and provide on stop solution for waste collection,tracking,recycling and up-cycling.

Our Mission

Ecowrap's mission is to improve the environment all quality of our community by changing the behaviour of businesses, community leaders and neighbours to work together to create a clean and safe place to live andwork for future generations.

Our Vision

With the motto "Mera Desh, Zero Waste", Ecowrap want to build a high net worth organisation which work is at developing an efficient eco system for optimum utilisation of resources and for creating huge social, economic & environmental impact. To reduce the amount of waste by promoting individualand corporate responsibility.To recover was te for its highest and best use while bala ncing rates and services.To transform our business from burying waste to utilizing waste as a resource. To eliminate the needforlandfills.


The absence of waste segregation at the source leads to the absence of viable (financial and non financial) processes for the treatment of solid waste.Segregation after collection is an unusable process if once all types of waste get mixed.The level of contaminationincreases once the waste get mixed and it loses its naturaland monetary properties.None of the available technologies such as plasphalt, waste to-energy plant, Recy-blocks etc.are helpful inthe treatment of landfill kind of waste.


Our Approach


We discovered that some of the most pressing challenges faced by the waste generator and recycling industry in India could be solved through primary segregation and digital technology, something that no one else was doing.
Ecowrap is anloT & Saas-based on ·e-stop solution for waste segregation, collection, tracking, recycling & Up-cycling for solid waste generated by HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar etc) units. Our main focus is on waste segregation at source and to provide allrequired infrastructure to make this sector ftnancially viable.

People Behind Ecowrap


Angraj Swami

Founder -
Head of Execution


Ajay Buri

Co-Founder - Head of Product Development & Operations


Chandrakant Swami

Co-Founder - Head of Reverse Supply Chain


Manoj Sabu

Co-Founder -
Head of Businness